Nominated “best European Blues piano player” by The Trophèes France Blues and named the “Best European Blues Player” by the magazine Blues Feelings, Henry Carpaneto is one of the most popular Italian pianists working today. But his popularity isn’t only on a national level. He regularly participates and performs in the most important events and festivals across Europe and in the United States (most recently he appeared in New Orleans Jazz Festival and The Blues Memphis Awards). It was from this last tour that the recording project “Voodoo Boogie,” which was co-produced with the New Orleans Bluesman Bryan Lee, was born. Recorded in New Orleans with Lee, London with Otis Grand and Tony Coleman (the drummer for BB King) and mixed, mastered and released in Leivi, Italy by Raffaele Abbate at OrangHomeRecords, Voodoo Boogie is truly an international album. The collaborations of Henry Carpaneto include Renato “Guitar Ray”, Fabio Treves, Paolo Bonfanti, Umberto Porcaro, Otis Grand, Jerry Portnoy (the harmonica player for Muddy Waters Band and Eric Clapton), Deitra FarrLea Gilmore, Big Pete Pearson, Keith Dunn, Sonny Rhodes, Paul Reddick.

“I’ve been on stage for 53 years and I’ve played whit a lot of musicians. Henry, I like to call him Cool Henry Blues, has a great attitude. He’s so talented! There are just few piano players like hime”


“He’s my Piano Man!!!”


“Henry today is without a doubt the most real Blues piano player in Europe. He takes in all the styles of the old Piano Roollers and Jumpers.”



EUROPE TOUR Feat. Tee Dee Young

16.05 Breda/NL - Jazz Festival

17.05 Eutin/D - Baltic Blues Festival

20.05 Seclin/F - Le Croque Notes

21.05 Menen/B - CC de Steiger

22.05 Liege/B - Blues Sphere

24.05 Gooreind/B - Goorblues

25.05 Ruiselede/B - Banana Peel 

26.05 Emmendingen/D - Mehlsack

27.05 Kandern/D - Chabah

28.05 Pellusin/F - Hall Blues Club

29.05 Genova/IT - Nostradamus

01.06 Ingolstadt/D - Neue Welt



18.08 Italy - TBC

20.08 Rhône/F - Blues au Château

21.08 Rhône/F - Blues au Château

23.08 Rhône/F - Blues au Château

25.08 Italy - TBC

26.08 Italy - Jazz Festival - TBC


Voodoo Boogie is the title of the first solo album by Henry Carpaneto.

Twelve tracks born from a strong rapport with the great bluesman Bryan Lee of New Orleans.

Twelve tracks of piano blues, where Carpaneto shows the maturity of a true leader without ever being invasive or losing his great sense of style.

The project started three years ago during an American tour with Bryan Lee. At the end of the tour Lee decided to go into the studio and record “piano, voice and guitar” in his city of New Orleans with Henry. Two years passed without finishing the project. Lee decided to entrust the recordings to Henry and the production of the album continued in Liguria, Italy with Raffaele Abbate in his studio at his record label, OrangeHomeRecords. It was here that Pietro Martinelli and Andrea Tassara added woodwinds, bass and drums. Before the completion of the album came a proposal from another important name in the Blues world and the career of Carpaneto, the great Otis Grand. Otis is a special guest on three of the pieces on the album, but not only that. His enthusiasm for the work also got his friend Tony Coleman, a drummer who has worked with many famous bluesmen including BB King, to play on the album as well. With the addition of these two other world-class musicians the relevance of Voodoo Boogie grew and was assured to have an even greater impact on an international audience. We can shout out loud that this is a fantastic debut album, as a solo artist, for Henry Carpaneto and his piano blues.